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Arkansas Renters Insurance coverage

Renters Insurance

Why You Need Renters Insurance

There are several reasons why someone in Arkansas may not have renter’s insurance. It could be that budgets are tight; people think they don’t have anything to lose or don’t think they will ever experience a loss. It’s very easy to get renters insurance in the state, and there are benefits. Your landlord's insurance won’t do anything to protect you if your personal property is damaged from a loss. Not only does it protect your personal belongings, which can be expensive to replace, but it can also provide you with some liability coverage should you be responsible for an accident. The state does not require renter’s insurance, but your landlord can require that you have it as part of your lease.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover in Arkansas?

Each policy can be slightly different in terms of coverage, so it’s always a good idea to speak with an agent at Harvill and Associates Insurance Agency to make sure you are covered.

The medical payments to others portion on insurance won’t provide coverage for your own injuries but instead covers injuries to guests and applies when there isn’t negligence. It can help solve minor losses quickly and efficiently. The loss of use coverage is there to help you if you cannot live in your rented home or apartment after a covered loss. For example, if your neighbor has a fire and the smoke damage makes your home uninhabitable, then this coverage kicks in and covers additional expenses you may have. Liability coverage pays for property damage or bodily injury if you damage someone else’s property or injure someone else by being negligent. It will cover the cost of defending you in a lawsuit, as well as damages from the claim. Renters insurance will also cover your belongings up to a certain amount. Certain valuables may not be covered unless you purchase additional coverage.

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